Voices Across Generations: Interviews with Youth and Adults



The European Day of Solidarity between Generations is celebrated every 29 April. To celebrate this day, AIFED and its team organized a meeting at the Marqués de Mondéjar Civic Centre, Granada, with the aim of connecting old, new, and future generations by carrying out a series of interviews with young people and older people to share their perspective about the digitalization of the world and how it affected their daily lives.  This important date is a unique opportunity to reflect on the importance between generations in order to promote greater understanding and mutual support. It is a celebration that invites us to work together to build a more cooperative and just society for all ages.  For this day was also organized a meeting to debate the generation gap in technology. AIFED and its team organized a meeting online using an activity prepared on the Google Jamborard platform.  In Google Jamboard was prepared question to guide the interesting debate, the eleven partners interacted to the question, and they explained their opinion with the aim of participating, new generation compared their ideas with the back generation about the digitalization of the world.    The focuses of the questions were: The digitalization in our daily life, the revolution in different generations, the advantages and the disadvantages of another generation, etc. To promote an exchange of ideas and understand better each generation.  The majority of the eleven partners held interviews in all of the partner’s countries, in the interviews the central themes that emerged is the importance of adult technology, the responsibility they have on young people, and the advantages and disadvantages of technology. It emerged in several interviews a criticism of technology that according to many respondents limits interpersonal relationships, many respondents still do not have a clear picture saying they will see the affection.