Welcome to our special section dedicated to podcasts about the European elections in June! In this section dive into a fascinating collection of episodes analyzing and debating the most relevant issues surrounding this important political event. From the importance of voting in the elections, to the role of youth in this event, this series of podcasts gives you the full picture of what's at stake in the European elections - get ready to be informed, reflect and join the conversation about the future of Europe!

New podcasts

Limits to fundamental rights?

In this short podcast, Carlos talks about the importance of participating in European elections and the projection of fundamental rights, such as freedom of speech and press freedom. He also explores how the European Parliament plays a crucial role in these issues and the need for measures to safeguard independent journalism and combat disinformation. Dive into the debate!

Author: Carlos Bassan


In this podcast, the main theme is the importance of the European elections. The author focuses mainly on the role of the European Union in supporting the member states, both by guaranteeing more employment and by ensuring international cultural education.

Author: Giovanni Fierro

The importance of voting

The European elections are really important for all of us Europeans. They are a special occasion when we can really make our voice heard on the future of Europe. It is a time when we can have our say on what matters most to us, on the values we believe are fundamental and the hopes we have for our continent. It is also an opportunity to choose the people we think are best suited to lead the European Union through all the ups and downs that await us in the coming years. So, I invite you all to participate and vote! It is our best way to make a difference.

Author: Sabrina Sommario

Citizen participation in the European elections

In this podcast I will talk about the importance of citizen participation in the European elections and why every vote counts and how these elections shape our future.

Author: Basma Taha

The rol of youth in the June European elections

"The role of youth in the European elections in June is crucial, as young people increasingly shape the political landscape. Aware of this, political parties are adapting their strategies to appeal to younger voters. They are exploiting social media, addressing youth-focused issues, promoting youth leadership, organizing youth-oriented events, collaborating with influencers and using digital platforms for engagement. As these elections approach, how parties connect with young voters will significantly influence both voter turnout and the future direction of the European Union."

Autor: Malena Lloret