Metaversing Tasks


Our tasks to complite out goal of Empowering European Youth.


Activities Around "Metaversing"


Generation working together

  1. Organize an art exhibition, inviting people of different genders from various countries. This encourages the development of a debate on the different view of art.
  2. Creating a work of art, this will make sure to foster greater collaboration and understanding between people, ensuring the possibility of working in pairs.
  3. Creation of a mural, to definitively break down intergenerational barriers, in this way participants will have to find a common vision for the realization of the project.

Empower young people to create effective youth associations

  1. Creation of an online training course, the course will be aimed at young leaders, providing them with the key tools and methodologies to manage and promote transnational projects, from planning to monitoring.
  2. Idevising practical activities based on real studies and situations, these provide the opportunity for participants to apply in a practical way the knowledge acquired in the theoretical sessions, preparing them more realistically for the world of work.

Democracy in action (European Election 2024)

  1. Creation of an informational guide dealing with the European elections. Explaining the importance of participating in the elections, in what ways to participate in them, and introducing the political parties that will be participating. The guide will then encourage registration on the "Together for Democracy" portal, an excellent tool for encouraging participation.
  2. Organizing a meeting with participants to hand over the guides and discuss together the main aspects related to the lessons

Learning workshop on creating virtual tours 360º.

  1. Teaching young people how to create virtual video guides in 360º dimension of a tourist attraction from an external perspective only. Teaching them to achieve technological and digital immersion so that they are able to create virtual experiences.
  2. Hiring of a team of experts in the development of 3D virtual reality to create a 360º virtual video tour that shows the Alhambra as a monument of tourist-cultural interest belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage.

Cultural experience in the Metaverse

  1. Each country of the network will create virtual experiences in the metaverse in which they will present their respective cultures and traditions. Organizing each partner a meeting in a virtual classroom in the metaverse creating virtual experience about their culture and tradition.
  2. Enrich participants in cultural diversity and promote equality and respect among the different European cultures, creating a global space in which people from different parts of the world can interact and learn about the cultural richness of each country.
  3. Encouraging international collaboration, knowledge sharing and cultural bridge building, thus promoting tolerance and acceptance in an inclusive digital environment.

Exploring the European Youth Goals through the metaverse

  1. Organize eleven debates in the metaverse, focusing on the 11 European Youth Goals. Focusing on one of the European Youth Goals and how young people and other stakeholders can contribute to the realization of these goals at local, regional and national level.
  2. Fostering an informed and proactive dialogue, empowering young people to advocate for a more inclusive, sustainable and equitable European future.

Partnership Meetings

  1. Welcome to the "Partnership Meetings" section, where we provide detailed insights into the collaborative meetings of our partners.
  2. Here, you will find comprehensive accounts of our recent gatherings, highlighting the collective efforts and shared progress of the Metaversing project.
  3. From discussing achievements and challenges to presenting innovative projects and setting future goals, these reunions are pivotal in driving our mission forward. Dive into the narratives of our latest reunions to stay informed about the dynamic collaboration and strategic planning that fuels our ongoing success.