Project's Dissemination and Events


Creating Content

  1. Writing regular blog posts and articles to update stakeholders on the activities developed during the project development phase.
  2. Creating detailed reports on the deliverables that have been produced throughout the project.
  3. Highlighting key milestones that have been achieved during the project and providing a comprehensive summary of progress made.

Promoting the Project at External Events

  1. Participating in external local and European events about European projects and/or activities aimed at youth.
  2. Creating informative brochures about the SGA and the previous FPA project.
  3. Bringing brochures to conferences that will be attended by each organization or by the whole network throughout the year 2023.
  4. Delivering brochures to fellow attendees in order to publicize the project.

Final Conference for Project Celebration

  1. Organizing a 1-day long final conference in Granada on the last month of the project.
  2. Discussing all the activities carried out throughout the year 2023 by the members of the Network regarding the project.
  3. Inviting staff from centers and associations that work with young people, local authorities from the youth council, and the project participants (young people and youth workers).
  4. Transmitted live on social networks for wider audience participation.
  5. Expected attendees: 50 in-person and 100 online.