The rights of persons with disabilities in Luxembourg, Access City 2022

Some years ago, when I was still a beardless law student, I had the opportunity to attend a conference that dealt with the state of interdiction of persons with disabilities as its main topic. This outdated legal figure used to be one of the barriers for the personal development of people with disabilities; people subjected to this figure were forced to see their legal capacity restricted: this is nothing but the death of civil life by denying the participation of a person in civil life... Every time I talk about the elimination of barriers to persons with disabilities, I remember this conference and think of the duty of each State to eliminate such barriers (legal, physical, or any other barriers). As a legal hallmark, whenever I am about to talk about an issue of general interest, I like to start from the legal bases that frame them. When we talk in Europe about removing barriers for people with disabilities, we must refer to Article 26 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, a legal instrument that recognizes and establishes the obligation of the European Union to respect the right of people with disabilities to benefit from measures guaranteeing their autonomy, their social and professional integration, as well as their participation in the life of the community. Hand in hand with this article we have the most recent Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030, an instrument of the European Commission that has the following goals ( regardless of gender, sexual orientation, skin color, age, religious creed, or ideology): 1. enjoy their human rights, 2. have equal opportunities, 3. have equal access to participate in society and economy, 4. are able to decide where, how and with whom they live, 5. can move freely in the EU regardless of their support needs, 6. no longer experience discrimination. In addition, the European Commission has instituted “Access City”, a recognition for those European cities that have prioritized accessibility for persons with disabilities. As is well known, last year the European Commission granted this recognition to the city of Luxembourg. That is why as part of the activities of the Metaversing Project (ERASMUS- YOUTH-2023- CSC-OG-SGA-101121896) it was agreed that a group of young people from different countries of the European Union will visit Luxembourg, in order to see with their own eyes the reasons why this magnificent city was recognized as Access City. During the time of their visit they will capture the inclusive essence of the Duchy`s capital, and later on they will share the images they have taken. It will be a visit focused on strengthening ties between young Europeans and awareness of the rights of people with disabilities.

A few days ago, between the 6th and 9th of September, young people from different countries around the world met in Luxembourg, a city recognized by the European Commission as an ACCESS CITY. The purpose of this youth meeting was to capture the essence of an accessible city, an inclusive city, a city for all. This meeting took place in the framework of the work package 2 of the Metaversing project (ERASMUS-YOUTH-2023- CSC-OG-SGA-101121896). During the visit to Luxembourg, the young people were able to discover with their own eyes why this city was awarded by the European Commission, to experience first-hand an accessible and inclusive city for everyone.

Luxembourg: Access City 2022 Exhibition at the Marqués de Mondéjar Civic Center, Granada 2023.

Last October, the doors of the Marqués de Mondéjar Civic Center opened for the exhibition "Luxembourg: Access City 2022", a month-long photographic exhibition of the work done during our visit to the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, capturing the essence of a city for all, a city characterized by its inclusiveness and its willingness to remove physical barriers for those who visit and live in it. Just as a group of young people met in Luxembourg to capture it through photographs, interviews, texts and podcasts, young Europeans also met at the Marqués de Mondéjar Center to install the photographs. For one month, the community of Granada, especially neighbors of the Civic Center, had the opportunity to see by themselves some of the beauty and accessible urban design of Luxembourg.

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Luxembourg: Access City 2022 Exhibition in the Metaverse - Metaversing Art Gallery 2023

"Luxembourg: Access City 2022," an extraordinary photographic exhibition hosted at the Art Gallery of the Metaversing Project. This virtual gallery transcends traditional boundaries, providing an inclusive and accessible experience for art enthusiasts worldwide. More than just a public art gallery, the Metaversing Project's Art Gallery serves as a dynamic dialogue space where individuals from every corner of the globe can converge, fostering discussions that traverse geographical distances. In two remarkable instances, the gallery has played host to vibrant debates, bringing together diverse groups of young minds from across the European continent. "Luxembourg: Access City 2022" not only showcases the beauty and essence of Luxembourg through the lens of young photographers but also symbolizes the accessibility and interconnectedness that define the Metaversing Project. Visitors, regardless of their physical location, can immerse themselves in the rich visual tapestry of Luxembourg's urban landscape. This exhibition is a testament to the Metaversing Project's commitment to breaking down barriers and creating a space for global conversations. It goes beyond the realms of art appreciation, inviting individuals to engage, connect, and share perspectives, transcending the limitations of a traditional brick- and-mortar gallery. Step into the virtual realm of "Luxembourg: Access City 2022" at the Metaversing Project's Art Gallery, where art becomes a bridge connecting people from all walks of life. Join the global dialogue, explore the visual narratives, and celebrate the accessible beauty of Luxembourg that knows no bounds.

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